LOVEBIRDS Peach-faced Agapornis roseicollis
Masked Agapornis personata
Black-cheek Agapornis nigrigenis
Fishers Agapornis fischeri
COCKATIELS Cockatiels Nymphicus hollandicus
CONURES Sun Aratiga solstitialis
Jendaya Aratiga jendaya
Red-throated Aratiga rubritorquis
Dusky Aratiga weddellii
Golden-crowned Aratiga aurea
Blue-crowned Aratiga haemorrhous
ELECTUS Red-sided Eclectus roratus polychlorus
Vosmari Eclectus roratus vosmaeri
Solomon Eclectus roratus solomonesis
GREYS African Psittacus erithacus erithacus
Timmey Psittacus erithacus timneh
COCKATOOS Greater-sulphur-crested Cacatau erithacus erithacus
Medium-sulphur-crested Cacatau erithacus eleonora
Lesser-sulphur-crested Cacatau sulphurea sulphurea
Triton Cacatau galarita triton
ROSELLAS Red/golden-manteled Platycercus eximius
Mealy Platycercus adscitus palliceps
Stanley Platycercus icterotis icterotis
Pennants Platycercus elegans elegans
FINCHES Javas Padda oryzivora
DOVES Diamond Geopelia cueata
MACAW Scarlet A macao
Green-winged A chloroptera
Illiger A maracana
Yellow-naped A auricollis
Severa A severa
Blue and Yellow A ararauna
Hans A nobilis

Various other finches available on request.

Various other pigeons available on request.

Various Lorikeets available on request.

Please note that the majority of our birds that are for sale are hand reared and extremely tame.

Hand reared birds available.

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